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Our sense of hearing provides us with a wealth of information about the world around us, via exquisitely fine, nuanced, and discrete sounds. Sound is directional, which informs us about our position relative to the sources of that sound. The ability of high-end headphones to faithfully reproduce these sounds contributes to our enjoyment of music, movies, and video games; and to hear, without ambiguity, spoken words.

Audeze Mobius Integrated Head Tracking

Audiophiles, gamers, and music industry professionals alike universally recognize Audeze headphones as the ultimate. IGN called Audeze Mobius the “BEST GAMING HEADSET 2019,” with a 9.6/10 rating.

When Audeze offered me a review sample of their Audeze Mobius headphones to experience their immersive, cutting edge, 3D sound, and how it adds so much to the experience of gaming, I jumped at the opportunity. However, what I discovered was even better than that.

After I charged the headphones, I was eager to see how well they performed. I paired them via Bluetooth with my iPhone, so that I could listen to selections from my music library.

Honestly, as I became enveloped in the music, the immersive 3D audio experience blew me away. Thanks to dynamic sound localization and integrated head tracking (1,000 times/second), I distinctly and clearly heard elements of the music as if they were emanating from various places around me; and, as I turned my head from side to side, I got closer to, or further away from, those particular elements. It was an amazing, compelling experience.

Audeze Mobius Dynamic Sound Localization
Audeze Mobius Integrated Head Tracking

In between listening to songs, I used the (detachable) boom microphone to leave a phone message for my daughter.

Conveniently, controls on the Mobius activate certain phone and music playback features of my iPhone.

Out of consideration for my neighbors, I listen to TV at a fairly quiet volume level. Consequently, I do not get an immersive experience. I was curious to see what a difference Audeze Mobius headphones might make to watching TV.

My family room’s TV is Bluetooth-enabled, so I appreciated the ability to pair the TV with the Audeze Mobius and sit wherever I wanted to, not limited by the length of a cord. I had recorded a NASCAR race on my DVR, so I played that back. Suddenly I was transported to the racetrack, enveloped in the sounds of racing all around me. For a change, I could also clearly hear what the race announcers where saying without cranking up the volume. That alone makes the Audeze Mobius a valuable addition to a home entertainment system.

Next, I watched an entire episode of “STAR TREK: Lower Decks” (a wonderfully entertaining animated comedy that includes numerous references to classic STAR TREK episodes from years past). The audio from the Audeze Mobius, combined with the high-res, widescreen video from my 75-inch TV, transported me onto the U.S.S. Cerritos.

However, one important test remained: gaming. After all, this was the reason why I asked to evaluate the Audeze Mobius. To experience and evaluate Audeze Mobius headphones in a gaming environment, I loaded up one of my favorite video games: Gran Turismo 6 (“The Real Driving Simulator”) for the Sony PlayStation. This time, since my racing rig is located close to the TV, I connected the Audeze Mobius to my entertainment system using the included AUX cable.

As both an automotive journalist and also a long-time motorsports competitor, I have been personally involved in auto racing for decades, so I especially appreciate the authenticity and realism of the environment that Audeze Mobius headphones place me in. In the game, when I was racing on gravel, I could hear the clatter of stones bouncing off of the lower sides of my race car. On a paved racetrack, ahead of and behind me, I could hear the other cars. The sounds of their relative positions to me continually changed, enhanced further when I turned my head towards or away from them.

In each test, switching 3D enhancement off rendered the audio relatively lifeless in comparison.

Key features of Audeze Mobius headphones include 3D cinematic audio, 7.1 surround sound, superior planar magnetic audio quality, lightweight ergonomic design, Bluetooth, USB, detachable microphone, and 10+ hours of battery life.

For technical explanations about how the Audeze Mobius accomplishes its high-tech wizardry, and to learn about other Audeze headphones, please visit www.audeze.com


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