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According to veteran automotive journalist Mark Vaughn writing in Autoweek’s Daily Drive on April 28, 2021, and citing an article by Julie Blackley on, yellow, beige and orange used cars depreciate less overall than silver, white and black used cars (in that order), with yellow topping the list by a wide margin, and orange third. Lowest on the list of 13 colors is gold. I guess that means my orange Mazda Miata was a good choice. Thanks Mark!

J​an’s orange 2019 30th. Anniversary Edition Mazda MX-5 Miata

For the full story, here are the links. Autoweek: and, if necessary, click on the “Studies” tab.


It should come as no surprise to readers that I enjoy automobiles that accelerate quickly when I mash the go-pedal. If only cleaning my house were fun, I might be more inclined to do chores more often.

O-Cedar has come up with something that does indeed make one part of house cleaning somewhat fun. It will turbocharge… wait for it… mopping floors! Just use what I call the ‘go-pedal’ at one end of the special pail to rev up the O-Cedar Microfiber EASYWRING mop spinner, and away you’ll go!

O-Cedar Microfiber EASYWRING Spin Mop & Bucket System

I owe my discovery of this marvelous system to a combination of being stuck at home for over a year, due to COVID-19, and a pressing need to wash my tile floors after demolition and major repairs to the interior of my house, following a small flood.

W​ater can do a lot of expensive damage to a house

The demolition and reconstruction work spanned nearly four months. Only a few tiles in my master bathroom needed to be removed to dry out the subfloor under the toilet, but the entire tile floor had to be replaced because the original tiles had long since been out of production and were unavailable. The work left some construction debris and thick dust in my master bathroom and beyond.

Downstairs, part of my kitchen ceiling and a wall had to be demolished, and the exterior wall insulation removed, to dry out the area that had been flooded. When that work and the reconstruction were completed, my kitchen and hallways floors were really dirty.

Over nearly four months, that dirt and the dirt from the master bathroom had been tracked through pretty much my entire house. It needed a deep cleaning, but since I had stopped my house cleaning service over a year earlier, and I was not very keen on having strangers who might have COVID do the cleaning, I decided to do the deep cleaning myself.

I discovered that my foam mop that was in its pail in my laundry room had completely rotted, leaving a pile of green foam fragments at the bottom of the pail. I needed a new mop.

An online search revealed that the O-Cedar Microfiber EASYWRING Spin Mop & Bucket System was pretty popular, so I ordered it on Amazon for only $29.98.

O-Cedar Microfiber EASYWRING Spin Mop & Bucket System

First you fill the bucket to the indicated maximum fill line with a combination of water and your favorite general household cleaner.

Then, place the microfiber mophead in the water and agitate it up and down, until you get lots of suds.

A​gitate the mophead up and down to clean the mophead, mix the cleaning solution with the water and create suds.

Now for the fun part. Place the mophead in the wringer…

P​lace the wet mophead in the wringer

… loosely hold the mop handle vertically so that it is free to spin…

L​oosely hold the mop handle vertically

… and start pressing the go-pedal. This thing can really spin!

P​ush the go-pedal. The faster and more often you push, the quicker it will spin!

Continue spinning it until the mophead is dry enough to just wet the floor. Every time the mop starts looking dirty, wet it again, spin it and continue. As you mop the floor, work your way backwards towards the entrance to the room. That way you will not have to walk across the wet floor. It dries pretty quickly.

After I was finished mopping all of the tile floors in my house, I poured out the dirty water. You would not believe how much dirt that mop picked up! I was shocked!

T​his mop is a magnet for dirt

Afterwards, my floors were nice and clean, and I had a great sense of accomplishment.

The microfiber mophead can be machine washed, and replacement mop heads are available.

That go-pedal makes the O-Cedar Microfiber EASYWRING Spin Mop & Bucket System fun to use. It transforms mopping floors into as close to a fun driving experience as I’ve ever had doing housework. Learn more at:

O-Cedar Microfiber EASYWRING Spin Mop & Bucket System


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