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Easy to use and extremely convenient for eating or working in your car

This is absolutely brilliant. You and everyone else who has a car, truck, RV or other road vehicle should get one of these for each vehicle. I no compensation from Amazon to tell you about this. I paid for mine. Please read on.

I recently returned from a week-long road trip from San Diego to cover the SEMA Show and the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge, in Las Vegas. Eventually you will be reading several of my “AutoMatters & More” columns about that excellent trip, but first I have a ton of photos to go through (on six big memory cards), and I will want to edit many of them.

On a long road trip I, probably like you, stop on the way to eat and drink — often in my car, especially lately due to COVID-19.

Typically, what I do is balance my food and drink on the rounded, padded, central armrest/storage bin cover beside me between the two front seats. If need be, I also balance other food items precariously on the dashboard or on the front passenger seat — neither of which is level.

For years I’ve longed for someone to come up with a convenient, reasonably secure and stable tray for a car, upon which I would be able to put food, a laptop computer or whatever (when I was parked, of course). A few days ago, while I was on Amazon, I discovered one. I ordered it and I tried it out when it arrived.

It is affordable and it works perfectly! I love it. I cannot believe that I did not discover the earlier or similar versions of this item long ago. My only consolation is that now, for 2021, they have introduced a significantly better model.

One side of the generously-sized tray (approximately 17 x 11.5 x 1 inches) has a recess to contain your food items, plus another recess for a beverage. You might want to tilt your steering wheel slightly, in order for the tray to sit level. Cleanup, if necessary, should be quick and easy.

This is the side for food & drink.
Enjoy your meal behind the wheel for a change.

Flip it over and on the other side you will find a flat desk-like surface, with a recess that will hold a pen. This side of the tray is well suited to holding a book, paper or a laptop computer.

This is the flat ‘desk’ side, complete with a recessed pen holder.
Sturdy support, with plenty of room for a laptop computer, book or papers and a pen.

This tray easily attaches to the steering wheel but, if you have a three-spoke steering wheel like I do, make sure that you rotate the steering wheel first, to turn it upside down. There is a video on Amazon to show you how to easily install it, but you basically angle the tray down, move it as far forward as you can— so that the center of the curve sticks into the gap above the edge of the steering wheel’s rim, and then let it level itself naturally. Press down to make sure it is fully in place.

Be sure to rotate the steering wheel half a revolution before attaching the tray.
Tilt the tray down to position the ‘hooks’ behind the steering wheel.
Then lift the tray up to position the bottom of the steering wheel in the slot.
Finally, tilt the tray back down to a level position. Tilt the steering wheel if necessary.

Since it is flat, fairly thin and strong, I store mine in the seat pocket behind one of the front seats.

Store the tray in a seat-back pocket.

To learn more and to order these (I plan on ordering a second one for my other car), go to Amazon.com and enter “Steering Wheel Tray with Edge Protection Multifunctional Car Table Desk for Eating Writing, Laptop Fits Most Vehicles Steering Wheels (Won’t Damage Steering Wheel)” in their search bar. That should take you to a page with a few steering wheel desks. This one will say, in blue lettering above the desk, “2021 UPGRADED DESIGN.” Order this one, not the others, because while there are a lot of other companies on Amazon offering what looks like the same product, they do not seem to have the silicone pad edge. Instead, the edge is hard plastic. This is a really important difference, compared to the $3 or so less expensive version without this. The silicone edge will protect your steering wheel from wear, and it offers extra grip that hard plastic would not provide. It is marketed on Amazon under the “ECARZO” brand, and ships in a plain white box.

Silicone edge protection for your steering wheel.

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  1. Val Bracey on November 18, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    Thanks Jan for educating us! You always find such interesting things that make driving an experience!
    Love your columns!
    Val and Lou

    • Jan Wagner on November 18, 2021 at 6:00 pm

      Thanks Val,
      This is one of those rare inexpensive accessories that is very useful!

    • Jan Wagner on January 27, 2022 at 5:01 pm

      Hi Val and Lou,
      I am now working with my web host to add functionality and make the website look even better. This week I’ve hopefully added functionality to this website that notifies commenters via email when anyone replies to their comments. Did you receive an automatic notification of this reply?

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