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C​hoose the best case for you!

Different styles of computers, like cases, have features suited to different needs. For example, while I was away from my office, I typed the first draft of this column on my MacBook Pro laptop computer.

Later, back at my office, I took advantage of the 27-inch screen of my iMac Pro to edit the photos.

When travelling I carry my data plan-enabled smart phone.

My seventh generation iPad is my preferred portable device when I am at home. It is light, versatile, easily taken from place to place and has very long battery life. What particularly differentiates it from my iPhone is that it has a much larger screen.

At home I easily keep my iPad nearby, so that whether I am eating at the breakfast table or relaxing on the family room couch, if I decide that I want to check my email, look something up online or watch a YouTube video, I can do so without straining my eyes looking at my iPhone’s tiny screen.

However, an iPad is more difficult to hold than an iPhone, because it is larger and heavier. Its larger expanse of glass makes it more slippery, and the narrow bezel around its touchscreen leaves little room for fingers to hold it without blocking the view of that screen. Also, another inherent deficiency of iPads (and smart phones) is typing lengthy documents with them using their on-screen, virtual keyboard.

To resolve these issues you need a case but, like I did, you might find the number and variety of choices somewhat overwhelming. There are lightweight cases, heavy-duty cases and cases with keyboards – at widely varying prices.

I found iPad cases advertised for as little as $10. Some of these actually looked good in their photos and sounded good in their descriptions, but when I read user reviews of them I soon learned about flimsy iPad cases that failed to protect their somewhat fragile iPads.

Instead, I decided to contact companies that make high-quality iPad cases, and asked them to send me review samples of a lightweight case, a heavy-duty case and a case with a keyboard. Together, they sent me excellent examples of all three for your consideration.


OtterBox has a long, well-earned reputation for their broad selection of attractive, well-made, innovative protective cases for electronic devices, and for their hassle-free customer service.

The OtterBox Symmetry Series Folio case for the seventh generation iPad provides the everyday protection that you expect in a slim, light-weight case.

Installation is easy – just press it into place.

The case includes a stable, multi-position kickstand…

… no-skid rubber feet, a microfiber inner liner to cover the screen…

… a clear back and an integrated Apple Pencil holder.


For the ultimate in protection against drops, dirt and scrapes, I recommend the rugged OtterBox Defender Series Case for the seventh generation iPad.

This shell can either be positioned to cover the iPad’s screen for transport or attached to the underside of the iPad.

Its rubber feet enable slip-free use on surfaces.

A hard-plastic inner case, wrapped in a flexible silicon slipcover, complete with a built-in screen protector, further protects the iPad.

U​se slightly moist screen wipes to clean dust and fingerprints off of the built-in screen protector

Rubber port covers block dust, dirt and debris from getting into jacks and ports.

This rugged case is well-engineered to not break or fall apart, to protect your iPad in case of a fall or a strike. Installation is straightforward using the supplied instructions.

P​eel back the flexible silicon slipcover to expose the hard-plastic inner case
To disassemble, g​ently pry the tabs away from the other half of the case at the arrows

To learn more about these OtterBox cases, visit www.otterbox.com/en-us/ipadl19


The brilliant new Combo Touch case from Logitech effectively transforms your seventh generation iPad into a ready-to-travel laptop computer, by combining a form-fitting, protective case with a full-size, backlit keyboard with iOS™ shortcut keys and a trackpad.

The quality, materials and ergonomics are excellent.

The detachable keyboard connects magnetically, and is automatically paired with and powered by the iPad through the Smart Connector (in Settings, set the “Hardware Keyboard” to “U.S.”).

The scissor mechanism beneath each key produces a reassuring, familiar feel, and the kickstand has a wide range of adjustment.

Learn more at www.logitech.com/en-us/product/combo-touch.html?crid=1762

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